Slash is looking to reunite with an "old friend," but this relationship comes strings attached … assuming that his onetime guitar still has strings. The guitar great is hoping that his extensive social networking and online following will help relocate one of his Les Paul guitars that he used back in the early '90s.

The time frame on this instrument would put it as part of the Guns N' Roses era for Slash and he was seen playing it onstage. Just to jog the memory of his fans, he's offered up a photo of himself performing with the guitar in question (as seen to the left) in hopes of helping the search. Slash did not offer any further clues as to where or when the guitar might have left his possession.

In his posting, he wrote:

I’m trying to find a Les Paul that I used back in the early 90′s. I’ve since lost track of it. It was an 1989/90 Gibson Goldtop, serial #70854. I always loved that guitar and would be interested in buying it back from whomever has it ... I’ll make it worth their while.

If you have any information on the location of this guitar, please email

The guitar would likely come in handy for Slash, who has been plenty busy of late. The rocker has been demoing some new material in the studio, presumably for his next album, and working on songs for the upcoming Slasher Films production, 'Nothing Left to Fear.'