… And then there were two. Slayer's Los Angeles Blood and Disturbed's Chicago Sickness are vying for the opportunity to be Loudwire's Hard Rock Football League champion, with the chance to compete against the Ultimate Classic Rock victor in the Hard Rock Super Bowl.

Slayer got here by way of a victory over Metallica's San Francisco Lightning. It's sad but true for Metallica fans, but Slayer continue to show no mercy in their quest for the title. And if they do win, that would be quite the reign in blood. The group's eyes of the insane now turn toward Disturbed's Chicago Sickness, the one team standing in their way of a Hard Rock Super Bowl birth.

As for Disturbed's Chicago Sickness, they snuffed out Slipknot's Iowa Maggots to bring their indestructible team to the Loudwire bracket finals. And if anyone knows how to deal with the eyes of the insane, it's an asylum. Disturbed are ready for the game, saying their prayers and embracing their warrior mentality while their fans raise ten thousand fists in the air. It's time to get down with the sickness in this ultimate gridiron-meets-music battle.

The winner of this Loudwire Hard Rock Football League final will advance to face the winner of Ultimate Classic Rock's Iron Maiden vs. Motorhead battle in the Hard Rock Super Bowl. So vote for your favorite below. You can vote up to once per hour for your favorite through Tuesday, Sept. 23 at 8AM ET.

Loudwire's Hard Rock Football League Bracket

Ultimate Classic Rock's Hard Rock Football League Bracket