Just when you thought it was safe, Slipknot's back with another trailer. However, this one is not to promote the band's hits collection, 'Antennas to Hell.' Rather, it's a tease for something we don't quite know about yet.

The new trailer primarily shows the band rocking out onstage to the song 'Psychosocial,' with singer Corey Taylor proclaiming, "It is time for the family and friends to go psychosocial." Is this a clue to something down the road?

Where things get interesting though is at the end of the clip where the video promises, 'Something Monsterous Is Coming in 2013.' It also leads fans to the website, Slipknot1.com/monstermetal, which could be the reason for the "monsterous" misspelling. At present the site has nothing more than the same trailer and links to the band's social networking.

Is this a new label? Could it be the hint of a return to new music? Or does the mention of 'Social Monsters' in the middle of the social networking icons suggest that maybe a new mode of communication is coming? Time will tell. But in the interim, be sure to catch Slipknot's return to the U.S. this summer, headlining the Mayhem Festival.

Watch Slipknot's 'Monster Metal' Trailer