Whenever fans of a band have to wait 15 years for a new song, there are going to be strong opinions about it. We want to know what side of the fence you're on when it comes to the new song 'Live to Rise' from the long-absent hard rock titans Soundgarden.

Soundgarden parted ways in 1997, leaving a void in the world of hard rock and disappointing their devout following. Ever since the band reunited in 2010, the anticipation for new material from the grunge heavyweights has been higher than ever. Their new album will not be released until the fall, but their first entirely new track since regrouping has finally arrived in the form of 'Live to Rise.'

The song is taken from the soundtrack to 'The Avengers,' which frontman Chris Cornell recently explained played a role in the song's commercial-friendly nature. "Although it's not really what I think of as a necessarily family friendly song," says Cornell, "It’s as close as we’ve ever come."

The song definitely is a stylistic departure from the band's previous works, but we want to know if you welcome the change or will be holding your breath until the release of the new album that Cornell says will "zero in on more of a hardcore Soundgarden fan." Tell us your thoughts on the new track in the poll below.