Back in 1994, Soundgarden embarked on the Superunknown tour. Before they hit the stage, they played a bizarre short film. Until now, only those who saw one of those shows were able to see that film. But 20 years later, it has been unearthed and is available to check out above.

"Those who were in attendance and attentive to the intro at a Soundgarden concert during this tour have been the only ones fortunate enough to view and hear 'Night Surf,'" guitarist Kim Thayil tells Rolling Stone. "The film had been buried in storage, and only recently was it located, dusted off and remastered for its debut here, online or anywhere."

The music playing behind the video is the song "Night Surf," which was written by bassist Ben Shepherd. It's now available, as well, as part of last year's rarities collection Echo of Miles: Scattered Tracks Across the Path. A vinyl edition of the albums will be released May 19.

In an interview with Loudwire discussing Echo of Miles, Thayil talked about how they selected the tracks that would appear in the collection: "Well, I think the criteria that was most important were to find songs that were sort of like loose ends, that hadn’t been given a home on a Soundgarden album of originals. You know, there are a couple of songs here that were on other compilations, you know, greatest hits records, but they weren’t actually partnered with these other loose ends that we produced over the last 30 years."

Soundgarden's last album King Animal was released in 2012. The band plans to begin writing new material soon, with the goal to release a new album sometime in 2016.

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