Think you're Iron Maiden's biggest fan? We're sorry to break it to you, but unless your name is Fernando Leal, you're most likely out of the running.

A new article posted by Vice documents the superfandom of Fernando Leal, who claims to have seen Iron Maiden live a total of 230 times. Iron Maiden is inarguably one of the world's greatest live bands, and hardcore fans will happily boast about the number of Maiden shows they've attended… but 230 times? That dedication deserves much respect.

Fernando Leal uses whatever spare time he has to check out Iron Maiden gigs around the world, having traveled everywhere from Mexico to Australia,to India and even Dubai. Of course, Leal has seen Iron Maiden every time they've travelled to Spain since Somewhere in Time was released in 1987. From then on, he was hooked.

"This is how I spend my vacations," says Leal. "Why would I sit on a beach for 15 days? That'd be a complete waste of time … I don't have kids, a car, or a mortgage, or whatever, so I have some extra money. For various health reasons I don't drink, either, so I don't actually go out that much. I just make sure to book tickets early, and most of the time I sleep in the airport. It's cheaper. My trip to India and Dubai actually only lasted four days."

Fernando's girlfriend is described as "the only one who genuinely seems to understand" the superfan. The two regularly travel together, leaving a bit of non-Iron Maiden time to see the world's many sights.

Fernando actually admits he doesn't hold the record for most times seeing Iron Maiden, citing "a Swiss guy who's done more than 300 concerts himself." As for Fernando's future, he says he'll stop going to Maiden shows once he gets bored of them… so don't expect him to stop anytime soon.

Head over to Vice for the full story on Fernando Leal. Iron Maiden's 16th studio album is currently expected to see a 2015 release.

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