Bush, October 2011
Gavin Rossdale and Bush made their return to music in 2011 with 'The Sea of Memories' after a ten year break.
Rossdale, who had been off working as a solo artist during the hiatus proved to still be on top of his game during their 2011 tour...
Bush Debut New Video For ‘Baby Come Home’
Bush have debuted a new video for their latest single 'Baby Come Home.' 'Baby Come Home' is the second song released from the band's 2011 release 'The Sea of Memories.' The lavish love song now has an equally introspective video to accompany it, check it out below.
X Japan vs. Bush – Cage Match
X Japan are well on their way to the Cage Match Hall of Fame if they keep on this steady road to victory, as the band’s fans continue to rally. After a win against Jane’s Addiction over the weekend, will they be able to do it again in today’s matchup?
Bush, ‘Baby Come Home’ – Song Review
‘Baby Come Home,’ the latest single from Bush, is a lyrically thought-provoking tune served up perfectly with those delicious signature Gavin Rossdale vocals and weighty guitar tones. Not to mention an infectious chorus you’ll have committed to memory before the…

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