Evans Blue

Evans Blue Frontman Dan Chandler Dishes on Album Artwork
Rockers Evans Blue recently debuted the artwork for their new album, ‘Graveyard of Empires,’ which drops April 17. Upon first look, the ghoulish cover appears to be a cityscape covered by a film of grunge, overcome by darkness and evil. Nestled within the city, a lone coffin emits a delicate puff of…
Evans Blue Vs. Volbeat – Cage Match
Evans Blue's ‘This Time It’s Different’ ended the reign of Spineshank’s 'Murder Suicide' in yesterday's cage match. How long will the Canadian band's victory last as they go head to head with their next competitor?
Spineshank Vs. Evans Blue – Cage Match
Spineshank's 'Murder Suicide' has done it again, with a narrow victory over Korn’s ‘Narcissistic Cannibal’ in an extremely hard-fought cage match over the weekend. Spineshank and their fans remain relentless but can they keep this winning streak g…

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