Smile Empty Soul

Smile Empty Soul Enter Loudwire Cage Match Hall of Fame
Congrats are in order to Smile Empty Soul, who won five straight battles to become the latest entry into Loudwire's Cage Match Hall of Fame. The song that did it for them is 'False Alarm,' a rocker off the band's 'Chemicals' album. The track is also quickly emerging as …
Smile Empty Soul vs. Leogun – Cage Match
Smile Empty Soul just keep rolling in the Cage Match as 'False Alarm' picked up another victory! Their latest opponent, Gemini Syndrome, kept it close with their single 'Stardust,' but Smile Empty Soul move one step closer to the Cage Match Hall of Fame.
Smile Empty Soul vs. Gemini Syndrome – Cage Match
It was close, but Smile Empty Soul emerged with their second consecutive Cage Match victory for their latest single, 'False Alarm.' The band edged out Eve to Adam's 'Immortal' with just over 52 percent of the final vote. Can they make it three victories in a row and continue…
Smile Empty Soul vs. Eve to Adam – Cage Match
It was one of the closer Cage Matches in some time, but Smile Empty Soul's 'False Alarm' emerged victorious over reigning Cage Match champ Emphatic and their single 'Remember Me.' Can Smile Empty Soul continue their Cage Match run?

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