Steel Panther

Steel Panther Raid Bag of Panties to Respond to Fan Questions
Steel Panther are men of simple tastes, and most of those tastes reside in the neither regions of their female fans. Before our recent interview with Steel Panther, we asked our readers to send in some fan mail for band, and naturally, the questions all arrived written on an assortment of panties!
Steel Panther Talk New Album + More
Steel Panther, the greatest heavy metal band in the history of this article, recently graced us with their presence for a video interview. The quartet came in ready to bare all, and that's exactly what they did. Along with giving us some info on their upcoming third studio album, the band took us th…
Steel Panther Pop Off X-Rated Gift Advice for Mother’s Day
The members of Steel Panther don't just come together to form the greatest heavy metal band of all time, the rest of their bodies do, too. Zing! The men known as Starr, Satchel, Foxx and Stix are also experts in Mother's Day gift giving, as witnessed in a new self-help segment from the gro…
Steel Panther Bring Boston Some Metal Love
During a time when tragedy has rocked the city of Boston to its core, Steel Panther rolled into town ‘Balls Out,’ offering a bit of escapism wrapped up nicely in leopard print and spandex. Albeit it for a one night stand only, their show last night (April 17) provided a much needed dose of music-ins…

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