Taproot vs. 12 Stones – Cage Match
Taproot continue on the road to victory with 'The Everlasting' as they beat out Charm City Devils over the weekend in the last Cage Match, but can they do it again against today’s challengers?
Taproot, ‘The Episodes’ – Album Review
Michigan-based hard rockers Taproot came up in the early 2000s, a period when Michigan’s music scene was all about hip-hop and electronica, and the boys carried the torch for riff-heavy, alternative metal with a razor-sharp edge. On ‘The Episodes,’ Taproot hold …
Taproot, ‘The Episodes’ – Top 2012 Rock Albums
Taproot’s sixth studio album ‘The Episodes’ is a concept disc that was conceived even before the band released its 2010 album ‘Plead the Fifth.’ Frontman Stephen Richards holds onto his unique distorted, melodic vocals while also belting ou…

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