Mayhem and Watain Join Forces to Bring Chaos to Brooklyn
Black metal bands Mayhem, Watain and Rotting Christ took over Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg on Nov. 24. The trio of bands brought their heavy European sounds to New York City and for the second time this year, as New Yorkers witnessed the intensity of Mayhem and Wat…
Watain Bring a Bloody Good Time to Brooklyn
Swedish black metal band Watain are one of the most intense and entrancing bands you can see live. They shared their ritualistic concert experience with an intimate crowd in Brooklyn, their only appearance in the states for 2014.
Behemoth vs. Watain – Death Match
Hail Behemoth! The extreme / black metal act defeated death metal legends Deicide in our last Death Match. Behemoth are just three wins away from induction into our Death Match Hall of Fame, which can be experienced on our official YouTube channel along with Loudwire.com. Now, having dispensed of on…

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