It’s Jonathan Davis’ Tattoo!

Did you guess right? Korn singer Jonathan Davis is now sporting a full sleeve but it all started with that bishop on his shoulder! According to Davis this particular one paints his thoughts "about the atrocities in religion." Each of his tats seem to hold a personal message and this one is no different.

Korn released their tenth studio album late last year titled 'The Path of Totality.' This new album found the band experimenting with their love for dubstep and electronic music.

Davis also sports the Korn logo on his lower back. The HIV tattoo on his other arm is the product of being teased and ridiculed all through high school for being different and he calls it a little FU to those that tortured him. His collection of tattoos seems to continue to grow.

Korn are currently on tour in the U.S. through March before heading to Europe for several dates.