Strap in and get ready for a jolt of energy straight from upstart rockers The Blackfires. The band, who will be seen at the upcoming Loudwire Music Festival, are premiering their new video for "Can't Get Over You" exclusively here at Loudwire.

And for those attending the festival, this clip is a good introduction to the live wire type of rock you're going to be seeing onstage. Led by vocalist Andrey "Cheggi" Chegodaev and featuring guitarists Anthony Mullin and Hector Marin, bassist Grasebo Do and drummer Joe Mitch, the Blackfires definitely bring it. The clip was directed by acclaimed video director Frankie Nasso.

The band states, "We originally heard about Frankie Nasso through our magical manager and after seeing some of his work he seemed like the right man for the job. Frankie immediately sold me upon reading his treatment for the first time as it had no cliche acting, just a focus on the live performance. I thought the small adjunct of a storyline was a good way to vary things."

They add, "As for the song, it's interesting how people relate to it and what they take away from it. I think the first association from it is about a girl. It was actually born from our struggles with a previous band member who wouldn't quit, but was stifling the band despite saying he was committed. Therefore, we couldn't really move on/get over it until we cut the ties. That said it doubles up nicely since we've all been in relationships that do you over and you struggle after. Frankie's idea of the photo booth I feel went well since relationships are snapshots/moments in time. As for the focus on live performance that's our bread and butter, so it makes sense to prioritize that aspect. The water looks great on the wide shots and the footage is synced with what we're actually playing."

If you like what you hear, be sure to check out The Blackfires' Live From the Cutting Room disc and their "Woman Walks" single via iTunes.

Look for the band taking the stage at the Loudwire Music Festival on Friday, June 26. They're playing on a bill that includes Weezer, Theory of a Deadman, In This Moment and more.

"As for checking us out at Loudwire, take the chance," says the band. "We're something new and we've been earning our pedigree opening shows with some of the biggest names in rock (Aerosmith, Glenn Hughes/Jason Bonham, Thin Lizzy, Europe, Dizzy Reed to name a few). Come and see what the fuss is about at The Loudwire Fest." For additional Loudwire Music Festival details, click here.

The Blackfires

Photo by Mark Weiss