As a part of their illustrious comeback after a five-year hiatus, British rockers the Darkness have chosen to celebrate the occasion by dropping their very own dung onto the iconic Edward Munch painting 'The Scream.' Luckily for all of us, the fine people at Funny or Die were there to document the "artistic statement."

There are various versions of 'The Scream,' made from Edward Munch's original stone lithograph, with approximately four dozen prints having been made in the late 1800s. The fourth version of the masterpiece broke auction house records when it was sold for just under $120 million by an anonymous buyer … or should we say buyers. In fact, the Darkness have finally revealed themselves as the new owners of the artwork. Their motives behind purchasing the painting? To take a juicy dump on its face.

Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins commented on the band's purchase of the exquisite opus. "We are privileged now to be the owners of the finest piece of art known to man," said the singer and guitarist, before giving the painting "something to scream about" as he proceeded to unload firm yet succulent logs of excrement onto Munch's masterwork.

After various members of the Darkness contributed their feces onto the screaming face of the work, the band began to express remorse for their ungodly undertakings. Immediate regret, remorse and despair were three terms Justin Hawkins used whilst being interviewed after the dumping. "We took one of my favorite paintings and now it's just covered in s--t. It's like spunking on the Mona Lisa. We f---ed up."

Luckily for both the band and the art world, the ending of the sloppy saga resulted in a diabolical twist. Check out Funny or Die's 'The Darkness S--te on The Scream' on the Scream' in the video below.

Funny or Die Presents: The Darkness S--te on the Scream