This week has been full of big announcements from The Devil Wears Prada. First they revealed that they will once again team up with Rise Records to release a new EP called Space this summer. Now, they've announced that one of their founding members, guitarist Chris Rubey, is no longer in the band.

Rubey was the chief instrumental composer of the band's songs, so his departure is a huge one for The Devil Wears Prada. In a post on Facebook, the band says Rubey made the decision to leave the band at the end of October, opting to spend more time with his wife and daughter. The band also mentions that their “good friend Kyle” is replacing Rubey on tour and that he also performed on the Space EP.

Check out the full posting from the band about Rubey’s Departure:

Fans, Friends, Listeners-
At the end of October, upon completing our run of shows in Mexico, Chris decided that it was time to stay home and be with his wife and daughter. While losing a founding member might seem to be a bumpy transition to announce, we find ourselves terrifically proud and enthused to continue moving forward with touring and writing new material. The upcoming Space EP is a testament to what we’re capable of and the always truthful fact that TDWP is a collective collaboration rather than any single member or component. We’re happy to say that parting ways with Chris couldn’t have been more amicable: we understand and wish him the very best at being with his family.
In the meantime, our good friend Kyle is playing with us: a fine gentleman and an excellent guitarist who helped out tremendously in the making of Space EP. The Zombie 5 Tour is off to a fantastic start, and we look forward to seeing all of you at an upcoming show.
Mike & The Pradas


The Devil Wears Prada just kicked off their spring North American trek to celebrate the five year anniversary of their Zombie EP. The group heads to Seattle next on March 20. Enter to win a cool merch pack from TDWP below.