Times of Grace have released their new music video for their very inspiring song 'Live in Love' via their Facebook page.

"I am excited for this video to come out," singer Jesse Leach says in a press release. "I feel like we did a different approach to the typical performance video."

The video shows the band walking through various scenes and neighborhoods. "I enjoyed the shoot and the day we spent driving around to different locations," Leach continues. "I feel strongly about the message of compassion and love."

Throughout the video, facts about abuse and those who are abused are shown. Artistic portraits of the impoverished and abandoned are also depicted, and these visuals stay with the viewer long after the video is over.

The video's director, Tim Dennesen, explains, "'Live in Love' sends a powerful message. Anthony Jarvis, the director of photography, and I wanted to give raw visuals to this message to help spread awareness. It was a mystical quest, and a lot of fun to work with Times of Grace."

The video also serves to spread the word of the Rise Above Foundation, which is an organization in Massachusetts devoted to giving children in foster care opportunities that they may not have had.

Leach goes on to say, "I hope we are able to help change a child's life through weriseabove.org or at the very least inspire others to reach outside themselves and make a difference. I want nothing more than for our music to have a positive impact in this world. One love to all!"

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Watch the Times of Grace 'Live in Love' Video