Metal’s biggest acts have been celebrated for over 40 years, but what about the bands that debuted in the 21st century? We put together a Top 10 solely devoted to the new era!

To qualify for this list, a band needs to have released their first full-length album in the year 2000 or later. EPs and demo tapes don’t count! In ranking these acts, we’ve taken into account their body of work, influence, acclaim, originality, popularity and much more into account!

To discuss 21st century metal and not mention Mastodon would be a crime against humanity. With six albums released since 2002, the Georgia act brought modern sludge and progressive metal to the forefront of our scene. Mastodon have never put out a weak piece of material and remain the absolute benchmark for what a metal band can achieve conceptually.

Another act to reach the upper echelons of this list is Between the Buried and Me. Starting off as a solid “core” act, BTBAM have kept stretching the boundaries of what a heavy band could compose with each release. All eyes were on BTBAM after Alaska hit shelves in 2005 and they took full advantage with Colors in 2007 — one of this century’s most virtuosic albums. BTBAM have outdone themselves time after time until present day and they deserve to be held at the highest regard.

Check out our picks for the Top 10 Metal Bands Who Released Their First Album in the 21st Century above and check out our full Top 50 list below!

Top 50 Metal Bands Who Released Their First Album in the 21st Century

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