Trivium have been busy touring in order to support their latest album ‘In Waves’ and the band is already working on their next disc. In an interview with, Trivium bassist Paolo Gregoletto and vocalist and guitarist Corey Beaulieu talk about the band's next album and writing on the road.

When asked where they see the next Trivium album going, Gregoletto states, “I think it’s going to be heavier” while Beaulieu responded, “Angry.”

Gregoletto continues, “We’ve been talking about it a lot, just a lot of stuff, like where we want to go with the next record. I think we’ve definitely learnt to write better on the road and we’re learning that writing with a more focused vision musically is the way to go. Not just all of us just writing as many songs as we can.”

“I think we’re all trying to be conscious of how much we’re writing, what we’re writing and really just spending the time with a smaller batch of songs, rather than writing like 40 songs and kinda being all over the place musically. But it’s definitely I think going to be a heavier record.”

As far as writing new material on the road, Beaulieu explains, “Yeah, that’s pretty much how we write most of our records, minus (2005’s) 'Ascendancy' and (2003 debut) 'Ember to Inferno.' Everything since, we’ve been a touring band, pretty much the majority of everything on those records was written on tour.”

He adds, “We’re really not home all that often and when you’re home, you’re home for like a week and the last thing you’re really thinking about is writing. But on tour, it’s really cool, you’re in different places all the time and it’s nice to have like a different environment, ‘cause it kinda sparks creativity. When you’re at home, you’re sitting on the couch or something it’s like the same old thing. So it’s cool to be in a different city and something you might see in that city, you’ll get an idea or something. So we write all the time in tour; little pockets of stuff.”

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