Rock band Valora are keeping busy as they’re gearing up for the release of their debut album ‘I Waited for You,’ due out next year via Hollywood Records. are exclusively offering a free download of the third chapter of Valora’s comic book.

In an interview Noisecreep, frontwoman Syd Duran talks all about the graphic novel. “The comic book world was completely foreign to me before meeting Ahmet Zappa. He wanted to create a graphic novel inspired by an artist and a record he really loved. Thankfully, he listened to the forthcoming Valora record 'I Waited for You,' and loved it.”

She continues, “We collaborated on the five chapter graphic novel, along with a writer and five different illustrators, and brought the Valora character to life.” Duran goes on to say that Chapter 3 of the project is “about a passionate couple stopping at nothing to keep an ancient relic out of the hands of evil.”

The talented songstress expresses her enthusiasm for more graphic novels in the future. “The graphic novel is open-ended for the opportunity to continue on Valora's adventures."

Syd Duran is one of the nominees in the 2011 Loudwire Music Awards category Rock Goddess of the Year.

Check Out the Valora Graphic Novel Chapter 3 Video ‘I Waited for You’