Ever had a burning question for former Guns N’ Roses and current Velvet Revolver bassist Duff McKagan or Alice in Chains drummer Sean Kinney? Well today may just be your lucky day! The two Seattle based rockers have joined forces to kick off a new radio show.

Details are pretty scarce right now on when the show will air, but they are asking fans to get involved right from the start. They took to the Alice in Chains Facebook page urging fans to send in their questions for the show. The questions don’t have to fall into any specific genre, they’ll entertain anything from music to travel or even advice if you’re up for it.

According to the duo:

What we need is for you to email us a brief question about anything: music, movies, food, travel, advice, or even their mutual disdain for milk. We're looking for anything that will get a little conversation going, and also answer the burning questions you've been dying to ask.

So keep it short and to the point, include your name, and email us today at askseanandduff@gmail.com

McKagan is no stranger to media having established himself as quite a writer over the years. He has written columns for everyone from ESPN to Seattle Weekly. He also wrote a weekly financial column for Playboy called ‘Duffonomics.'

Maybe someone can ask Duff about the possibility of Scott Weiland returning to Velvet Revolver on a permanent basis!