The old adage ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ may indeed be true, but Evanescence fans who have been patiently waiting for the return of the band don’t have to wait any longer. On Oct. 2, Amy Lee and company played a 13 song breathtaking set at the Rock in Rio Festival in Brazil, a week before their new self-titled album is released (Oct. 11).

The band kicked off their set on a high note with the energy packed 'What You Want,' the first single from 'Evanescence.' The set list included the new tracks ‘The Other Side’, ‘Made of Stone’ and ‘My Heart is Broken.’

Of course, no Evanescence setlist would be complete without 'Going Under,'  'My Immortal' and the set-closer 'Bring Me to Life,' which caused a sing-along of over 100,000 voices in unison.

Before their performance, Amy talked about the length of time between albums and what fans can expect from 'Evanescence.' “I wanted to step away.  I’ve been in Evanescence since I was a teenager and I just wanted to be a normal person in the world.”  She has been doing just that, “I live in N.Y., I got to go see a lot of concerts, I’ve always been a painter, I learned out to play the harp, so you’ll hear a little bit of that on the new record, but I think in general it’s a stronger record. You can see a lot of growth.”

As for the the Rock in Rio Festival, Amy was excited to be sharing the same stage as Lenny Kravitz and Shakira and had a few butterflies in her stomach, saying,"100,000 people is a lot, I’m trying not to be nervous.” Judging by the video of Evanescence’s performance below, you’d never know.

Evanescence’s Full 2011 Rock in Rio Setlist:

1. ‘What You Want’
2.’Going Under’
3. ‘The Other Side’
4. ‘Weight of the World’
5. ‘Made of Stone’
6. ‘My Immortal’
7. ‘My Heart Is Broken’
8. ‘Your Star’
9. ‘Sick’
10. ‘The Change’
11. ‘Call Me When You're Sober’
12. ‘Imaginary’
13. ‘Bring Me to Life’

Watch Evanescence at Rock in Rio 2011