You've heard the stories over the years. You've been to the Vans Warped Tour as a music fan. But what is a day like for the bands who have to play the annual rite of summer passage? We Came as Romans let you peer behind the curtain with the first episode of their Vans Warped Tour video diary, premiering here exclusively at Loudwire.

The first episode gives you a pretty good feel for a day in the life of a Vans Warped Tour act, showing you the backstage warm-ups and pre-show huddle, going up onstage (and in the crowd) with the band as they play their first Vans Warped Tour show of the year and giving an idea of what the rest of the day entails. How did the first day go? Drummer Eric Choi states in the video, "I think everyone lost their minds. The sun just melted their brains."

See We Came as Romans bro-ing down with their fellow touring acts in the bus caravan area, watch as they meet up with fans at a signing and get a look in at the band doing interviews with the local press. Not to mention, the band give you some insight to life on the bus from some of their bunk adornments to showing some of their eating habits.

What makes Vans Warped Tour something that bands want to come back to? Vocalist Dave Stephens says, "Every single day is the best show of your life. You have an insane amount of people in front of you and everyone's so hyped up and everyone's there to have a good time." Not to mention, there's a great opportunity to hang with other bands.

This video finds Stephens lending a vocal hand to While She Sleeps as the band's singer had to miss the first few days due to travel VISA issues. He also hops up onstage with Beartooth for a brutal performance of "Body Bag."

Check it all out in Episode 1 of the We Came as Romans Vans Warped Tour video diary above. And look for the band supporting their self-titled album on the Vans Warped Tour this summer at these locations. The disc is due July 24 and is available for pre-order at iTunes.