It's been a big year for deathcore mainstays Whitechapel, celebrating their 10th anniversary as a band as well as the release of their sixth studio effort, Mark of the Blade. They shocked fans when it came to light that the album would be the first to feature clean singing from bellowing frontman Phil Bozeman, who's despondent voice meets heart-wrenching visuals in the music video for "Bring Me Home."

The song opens with soft, clean-toned guitars and delicate harmonics, panning over barren landscapes and the cold stare of a young boy and then his father. Sitting alone at a desk illuminated by just one lamp, Bozeman's agonized croon reflects on the pain of loss, reaching for a handgun before he returns to his guttural voice.

Clips portray a father and son together outside, walking through the sand and immortalizing the moments with Polaroid pictures. As the video unfolds, it pans back and forth between these vivid memories and Bozeman in his current state. The gut-check comes at the end when the young boy takes all of the images out of a box and throws them into the wind, clearly struggling to come to grips with the reality of death and once more with Bozeman standing over the actual gravesite.

"This video means more to me than any video we've ever done. It portrays my struggle through dealing with my dad's death at the age of 10. The shots of me show me at my darkest moments," began Bozeman, adding, "Suicidal thoughts, suicide note and feeling alone. The atmosphere of the room we shot this is nailed exactly how I was feeling at the time. Dark, depressed and suicidal. The shots of the man and young boy portray my bond I had with my dad and how devastated I was when he left. They are presented to be in a dream like state of me remembering him. The last shot is from my dad and mom's actual gravesite. It's really awesome to have that authenticity to the video. The final scene is showing that I came out of it alive but no matter what, I will push forward and not give up."

Whitechapel will continue to support their new record, having recently wrapped up a headline tour stateside with eyes on European run that kicks off on Nov. 3. For more tour information, check the band's Facebook page and grab your copy of Mark of the Blade at the Metal Blade webstore.

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