Sporting unwashed flannel shirts, long locks and a laid-back vibe, the trio of Nirvana burst into the mainstream music scene in 1991, bringing a mix of grungy punk rock energy and catchy pop melodies.

From the get-go, early-‘90s listeners knew this was something different. 3 Doors Down guitarist Chris Henderson recalls the first time he heard now-famous tracks like ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit,’ ‘Polly’ and ‘Drain You’ off ‘Nevermind,’ and he was shocked. In a good way, of course.

“I could not believe how good that record sounded when I heard it,” Henderson told Loudwire. “Being a fan of music and a producer, I’m really in tune with sonically how good records are and how good songs are, and when I heard this for the first time, it completely blew me away. It wasn’t just how great the songs were, but sonically how everything sounded. I felt it was an album that, in it’s time, brought a while different generation and era of music to America and the world.”

Fans looking to rekindle the ‘Nevermind’ flame can get their ears on a four-CD, one-DVD set, available this Tuesday (Sept. 27) and exclusive to Best Buy through Oct. 24. The collection will set grunge enthusiasts back $136, but it includes everything from a re-mastered original album to old fashioned, boombox tapings of band rehearsals in a Tacoma, Wash., barn. Say that’s a little too steep for your budget? A two-CD deluxe edition ($20) and a re-mastered ‘Nevermind’ ($11) also are available.

3 Doors Down are set to hit the road with Theory of a Deadman and Pop Evil the end of September. Check out Loudwire's recent interview with Henderson, here.