How would you like to play a game of Global Thermonuclear War? No, we're not talking about the '80s film 'War Games,' but rather the new video for Avatar's latest single, 'Vultures Fly.'

The stunning animated video finds the band wrapped up in their own war games as the group heads toward a bomb shelter where they don their gas masks and prepare to ignite destruction upon their foes. Meanwhile, a full world away, their enemies are preparing for the same fate.

The clip is just the latest in a string of artistic videos for the band, who upped their game with the vintage-looking 'Hail to the Apocalypse' video and the stylish look of their 'Bloody Angel' clip. All three songs appear on Avatar's 'Hail to the Apocalypse' album, which is currently available via iTunes and Amazon.

Look for Avatar supporting their new 'Vultures Fly' single when they hit the road this spring with Five Finger Death Punch. Dates for the run can be found here.