Congrats to Black Veil Brides! The band just had their second consecutive video, 'Goodbye Agony,' enter the Battle Royale Video Countdown Hall of Fame. The band finished its fifth straight week on top with the clip, which followed in the footsteps of 'Heart of Fire' for the honor.

Black Veil Brides did have some competition though, as Slipknot's 'The Devil in I' made a push toward the top spot and could be in line to be the successor at No. 1 next week. The clip finished second, followed by Korn's 'Hater,' spending its final week on the countdown at No. 3. Also of note this week are two debuts, as Marty Friedman's 'Undertow' snagged the No. 7 spot, while Linkin Park made their first appearance in the Top 10 with 'Final Masquerade' at No. 8. See all of the Top 10 videos of the week below.

With Black Veil Brides and Korn both retiring from the countdown, that makes way for some new videos. Islander ('New Wave'), 36 Crazyfists ('Also Am I'), Dead Sara ('Mona Lisa'), The Agonist ('Gates of Horn and Ivory') and Silverstein ('A Midwestern State of Emergency') all enter the voting. You can see those clips, along with every video in the voting, by clicking on the links in the poll below. This Battle Royale runs through Friday, Jan. 23 at 11AM ET. You can vote once per hour through the deadline, so come back often to make sure your favorite video makes the cut.

  • 10


  • 9

    'Blood Stained Revolution'

    Saving Abel
  • 8

    'Final Masquerade'

    Linkin Park
  • 7


    Marty Friedman
  • 6


    Shaman's Harvest
  • 5


  • 4


    The Chimpz
  • 3


  • 2

    'The Devil in I'

  • 1

    'Goodbye Agony'

    Black Veil Brides