For 11 weeks, Lacey Sturm has hovered near the top of the Loudwire Battle Royale Video Countdown, but this was the week at "Rot" finally snagged the top spot. It was a hotly contested battle for No. 1, with Art of Anarchy's "The Madness" still putting up huge numbers while taking the No. 2 spot, but after two weeks on top, they're falling back to No. 2. Meanwhile, moving up to No. 3 is Shaman's Harvest's "Here It Comes."

The Battle Royale also saw a trio of debuts this week as Barb Wire Dolls arrive at No. 5 with "Blind to Your Misery," Steve 'n' Seagulls claimed the No. 7 spot with their countrified cover of "November Rain" and Escape the Fate's moving "Breaking Me Down" video snagged the No. 10 spot. See all of the Battle Royale Top 10 Videos below.

Could there be even more movement in the next Battle Royale? New videos from Beasto Blanco ("Grind"), DevilDriver ("Trust No One"), Shallow Side ("Renegade"), Stitched Up Heart ("Catch Me When I Fall") and Rob Zombie ("Get Your Boots On! That's the End of Rock and Roll") enter the voting. See those videos, along with every other clip that you can vote upon, by clicking on the links in the poll at the bottom of this post. And it should be noted that because of the Thanksgiving holiday, we're giving you an extra week of voting this time. So feel free to vote once per hour for your favorite clips all the way through the deadline of Friday, Dec. 2 at 11AM ET.

  • 10

    "Breaking Me Down"

    Escape the Fate
  • 9

    "Taking on the World"

    Operation: Mindcrime
  • 8

    "Break Me"

    One Less Reason
  • 7

    "November Rain"

    Steve 'n' Seagulls
  • 6

    "The Network"

    The ReAktion
  • 5

    "Blind to Your Misery"

    Barb Wire Dolls
  • 4

    "The End"

    In Flames
  • 3

    "Here It Comes"

    Shaman's Harvest
  • 2

    "The Madness"

    Art of Anarchy
  • 1


    Lacey Sturm