You've got to give it up for The Darkness! The band's video for "Open Fire" has topped the Loudwire Battle Royale Video Countdown for the fourth straight week. Even more impressive is that their previous clip, "Barbarian," completed a five-week run to be retired from the Battle Royale. One more week on top for "Open Fire" and they'll become the second act to have two retired video in the Battle Royale Hall of Fame.

As for the rest of this week's countdown, December in Red continue to hover around the top as "Send Me a Postcard" takes the No. 2 spot, followed by Between the Buried and Me's "The Coma Machine." And there are two new videos entering the Top 10, with Failure Anthem's "Paralyzed" claiming the No. 8 spot and Crucified Barbara's "Lunatic #1" two spots back at No. 10. Check out all of the Top 10 clips below.

What will next week hold for the Battle Royale? That's up to you. There's four new videos in the voting, as Devour the Day ("Faith"), Lindemann ("Praise Abort"), Lord Dying ("A Wound Outside of Time") and Shattered Sun ("Hope Within Hatred") take their shot. See those clips along with every video available for voting by clicking on the link at the bottom of this post. You can vote once per hour through the deadline of 11AM ET on Friday, June 5. So make your picks count!

  • 10

    "Lunatic #1"

    Crucified Barbara
  • 9


  • 8


    Failure Anthem
  • 7

    "Break Away"

  • 6


  • 5

    "Little Brother Is Watching"

  • 4

    "It's Not Enough"

    Tom Keifer
  • 3

    "The Coma Machine"

    Between the Buried and Me
  • 2

    "Send Me a Postcard"

    December in Red
  • 1

    "Open Fire"

    The Darkness