Brujeria, portrayers of mysterious Satanic Mexican drug lords, are set to release Pocho Aztlan, their first record in 16 years. The legendary death metal / grindcore outfit has released the lyric video for "No Aceptan Imitaciones," the first song off the forthcoming album.

The single opens up with a digitized voice repeating a line before a thunderous strike signals the true beginning of the song with a downtuned, brawny riff. The lyrics, as always, are in Spanish, but the closed caption subtitles translate as the lyrics pop up on panels amidst an animated desert, embodying the title of the album which translates to "wasted promised land." "No Aceptan Imitaciones" is classic Brujeria, slugging through a barrage of riffs, blast beats, breakdowns and the maddening unmistakable bark of frontman Juan Brujo.

Pocho Aztlan will be out on Sept. 16 through Nuclear Blast. Numerous metal icons are rumored to be a part of the album, including Carcass' Jeff Walker, Napalm Death's Shane Embury and more, but, as always, the alter egos of Brujeria remain unconfirmed by the group. Physical copies of the album will be available on vinyl, CD and cassette with a myriad of bundle options and can be pre-ordered here. Digital pre-orders (iTunes, Google Play and Amazon) will come with an instant download of "No Aceptan Imitaciones."

Brujeria will be embarking on a rare tour backed by Cattle Decapitation and Pińata Protest. The trek will kick off on Oct. 1 in Baltimore, Md. and finish up just over two weeks later in San Diego, Calif. on Oct. 18. For a full list of stops, head to our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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