Bullet for My Valentine will not be back on U.S. stages until next February, having mapped out a lengthy European run to complete their touring year. But for those not in Europe needing a fix of the live concert experience, Bullet for My Valentine have something for you.

Come this Friday (Oct. 16), Bullet for My Valentine will release the Live From Kingston digital EP. The four-song collection is available via GooglePlay and includes concert versions of three classic Bullet songs -- "Your Betrayal," "The Last Fight" and "Tears Don't Fall," as well as the current live favorite "Army of Noise" from their recently released Venom album. You can go ahead and get your orders in here.

If you're not familiar with "Army of Noise," it's definitely worth checking out. The band released a concert-based video for the track earlier this year that can be viewed here.

Speaking about the Venom album with Loudwire, frontman Matt Tuck stated that it was the "strongest thing we've ever done by a mile," adding, " “It actually turned out exactly how we wanted it to … it took a while to get there just because we had such a clear vision this time around in how we wanted it to sound and how we wanted it to feel, more importantly. We wanted people to connect with it and people to feel something again, whether it was angry, upset or whatever.” The band's Venom disc is in stores now.