Candlebox are gearing up to release their new disc ‘Love Stories & Other Musings’ on April 3 and the band just released a new lyric video for the song ‘Believe In It.’ We recently spoke to singer Kevin Martin about the tune.

As ‘Believe In It’ started to take shape during the initial writing process, Martin heard something a little different than everyone else in the band, explaining to us, “When we were in the process of writing that song, I swear to god I’m the only one hearing it, but there’s an element of the Jackson 5 in the groove of this song and I don’t know where it came from or why my ears are picking it up.”

Martin continued, “The beauty of music is it allows your mind to go wherever it goes, and when it started creeping into my head about the Jackson 5. I was watching the videos of Michael Jackson singing ‘A,B,C’ when he was just 7 or 8 years old, and how exciting it was for him to be a musician and that whole family to be so talented."

Those feelings would help shape the direction of the song, which lyrically became a tribute and open letter to Martin’s young son: “I just immediately started thinking about my own son and wondering what am I going to leave him? What am I going to leave him with as a parent,” explained Martin.  “If there’s one thing I want him to know, it’s that I always want to be there as a support for him in whatever decision, whatever direction, whatever path in life he chooses. I want to take him higher, I want to help him get there.” Those sentiments come out loud and clear in the song’s lyrics, “I want to take you higher, believe in this, there ain’t no mistaken. You got to make it your own.”

As Martin points out, “If there’s one thing in this world we need its love and patience and that’s for sure. We can get around without cars, we can get around without gas, but without love and patience for one another what do we really have?”

Check out the new lyric video for the song below, and stay tuned for our full interview with Kevin Martin. Candlebox will be hitting the road in April in support of the new disc; visit their website for the dates.

Watch the Lyric Video For 'Believe In It' by Candlebox