On April 6, 1993, grunge ruled the music scene, but there was something harder, edgier and darker about to take hold as Tool issued their debut album, 'Undertow.' The original foursome of frontman Maynard James Keenan, drummer Danny Carey, guitarist Adam Jones and bassist Paul D'Amour caught the ears of many with something different than the status quo and in the process began a resurgence for heavy music. Our Readers Poll asks you which song from the groundbreaking album 'Undertow' is your favorite and turned you into a Tool fan forever.

The album kicks off with 'Intolerance,' digging deep with some powerful bass and dexterous drumming. The heavy yet bouncy single 'Prison Sex' follows. There's no denying Jones' wailing guitar and Keenan's angsty vocals on the hit track 'Sober,' and 'Bottom' is a pulsating rocker that clocked in at over seven minutes. 'Crawl Away' finished out the first half of the album, with Keenan riding the pummeling wave of sound for all its worth.

'Swamp Song' kicks off the second half of the record, with D'Amour laying down some thick and meaty bass lines. 'Undertow' comes across like a more traditional rocker with guitars a blazing at the beginning before Keenan moves into a meditative groove. '4 Degrees' begins with a Middle Eastern flavor before launching into plodding heaviness. The epic track 'Flood' follows, clocking in at just under eight minutes of dark and moody rocking. The 'Undertow' album concludes with the cleverly named, 'Disgustipated,' a chaotic track featuring a preacher-like narrator before transforming into some rhythmic drumming and chanting lyrics.

There you have it -- ten great songs that make up Tool's 'Undertow' album. Let us know your favorite track from the album in our Readers Poll below: