Maynard James Keenan built his name as a member of Tool, but on May 23, 2000, the vocalist's new band A Perfect Circle released their debut album. Keenan teamed with guitarist Billy Howerdel to form the group and their collective writing led to the standout disc 'Mer De Noms.'

With a stellar supporting cast of drummer Josh Freese, violinist Paz Lenchantin and guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen, the five-piece crafted what would become a modern classic in the minds of many rock fans.

Offering a more melodic take than what Tool fans were used to, the disc still had its heavy moments in other ways. 'Judith' became the band's first Top 10 hit, while '3 Libras' and 'The Hollow' also earned radio play and reached the Top 20. Other tracks like 'Magdalena,' 'Renholder' and 'Thinking of You' have also struck a chord with listeners.

'Mer De Noms' was just the start to a stellar partnership for Keenan and Howerdel and while the lineup has changed over time, the two key principals have remained in place and been responsible for the follow-up discs 'Thirteenth Step' and 'Emotive.' So let's celebrate the anniversary of A Perfect Circle's 'Mer De Noms' album. Tell us which track off the disc stands the test of time as your favorite by voting in the poll below: