A brief 30 second video trailer that includes the cover artwork for Green Day's upcoming album ‘¡Uno!’ has been unveiled (watch below). The first in a trilogy, ‘¡Uno!’ is set to be released Sept. 25. The second album ‘¡Dos!’ will follow on Nov. 13, with ‘¡Tré!’ wrapping things up on Jan. 15, 2013.

The content and scope of the albums is still a mystery, and in a recent video, Green Day didn’t reveal much: “Is it an opera? Is it tied together? What is it?” are questions still unanswered. While they do say in the video, “I think there’s a story in this whole thing,” that doesn't confirm or deny an ongoing storyline running through the three discs, still leaving the overall concept a bit of a mystery.

Green Day have some overseas concert dates later this summer, but they may be playing a U.S. show as well. Yesterday, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong tweeted the following: “Green Day Surprise rock n roll sex party show meaning ‘secret show’ coming soon in LA AREA. Stay tuned!”

The band is also slated to perform at the Voodoo Music Experience in New Orleans this October.

Watch the Trailer for Green Day - ‘¡Uno!’