Strap in. Halestorm has unleashed another hard rocking new song off their forthcoming Into the Wild Life album. The track is called "Mayhem" and it may be familiar to some fans who caught the band testing it out on tour last spring.

The band performed the song during its U.K. set in Manchester last year, and the live performance then stays fairly true to what the final studio version sounds like now. It opens with some wailing guitar and the hard-rocking beats of drummer Arejay Hale before Lzzy Hale takes it back a bit for some soulful vocals. But the sultry opening is just a precursor for a slow-building, hand-clap generating fury that kicks in during the "Mayhem" chorus.

Halestorm's Into the Wild Life album was recorded in a different manner, with all four members playing live at the same time. Frontwoman Lzzy Hale told 'Loudwire Nights' host Full Metal Jackie, "This new record we really wanted to bridge the gap, so to speak, between what people see on our live shows and then what people hear on all our records. We basically went back to the beginning. We went with a completely new producer, a new town, a new mindset. We did all of the tracks live, just the four of us standing in a circle in this beautiful church in Nashville. The goal was to capture performances and moments that the four of us only know when we’re in our practice space or back in the day when we used to practice in our parents’ basement."

Hale says Into the Wild Life is a "warts and all" type of disc and that they're excited to show it to the world. She also adds that recording in the "without a net" manner really made the group even closer and tighter. "It really helped us grow because just when I thought you know the four of us couldn’t get any tighter, with all of the years we have been touring together — 250 or 300 plus days a year — we found something in ourselves again," says Hale. "We found this kind of grassroots confidence in the four of us and what we do together."

Though initially teased as an April 7 street date in North America, Halestorm's Into the Wild Life disc now appears to have moved to an April 14 release. Fans can pre-order the album in a variety of bundle options at this location.