American Idol’s Season 10 rebel rocker James Durbin released his debut album ‘Memories of a Beautiful Disaster’ on Nov. 21 on Wind-Up Records. He’s now followed it up with a new video for the first single ‘Stand Up.’

‘Stand Up,’ the first original song heard from Durbin off of the American Idol stage, was released back in September, and was part of the ‘Official Gameday Music of the NFL Vol. 1’ compilation. The song, a perfect tune for smash mouth football, is a high energy, stadium-ready, fist-pumping anthem. Read our review of the song here.

The new video, featuring Durbin and his band performing in a warehouse type atmosphere, mixed with single shots of Durbin, suits the overall rough and tumble vibe of the song. There’s lots of guitar shredding, hair whipping and of course that signature Durbin scream.

Durbin’s band currently includes Dylan Rose on guitar, Ty Molinaro on bass and a few former members of In This Moment with drummer Jeff Fabb and guitarist Blake Bunzel.

Watch James Durbin's New Video for 'Stand Up'