A hearty congratulations to Swedish metal masters Katatonia, for they've just secured their place inside the Death Match Hall of Fame with four straight victories. The band bested a number of worthy foes in their Death Match endeavor, including some of modern metal's most successful bands.

Katatonia and their track 'Dead Letters' made its Death Match debut in a battle against French metallers Gojira. With a stunning victory over one of the most exciting bands of 2012, Katatonia went on to fight and defeat Nile before laying the smackdown on As I Lay Dying. Finally, Katatonia stomped out High on Fire to take their well-deserved spot in the Death Match Hall of Fame.

Katatonia have had an incredibly strong year so far. The band released the album 'Dead End Kings' to critical praise (see our review of the record here) and are set to head out on the 'Epic Kings & Idols' tour with the Devin Townsend Project and Paradise Lost beginning Sept. 4. Check out our 'Epic Kings & Idols contest here.

Katatonia's 'Dead Letters' has now been declared immortal, so we've got two new tracks entering the Death Match arena. Every Time I Die are competing with yet another incredible music video, this time for the track 'I Suck (Blood).' The band now goes head-to-head with technical deathcore outfit the Faceless.

Katatonia, 'Dead Letters'