Korn may be working on a conceptual video for their current single 'Hater,' but in the interim fans can definitely rock out to the new live video the band just released.

The clip features performances of the song 'Hater' filmed around the world from stops in the U.S., Russia, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Luxembourg and France. That's a lot of stamped passports and a lot of moshpits viewed for the guys in Korn.

The band has been receiving rave reviews for their 2014 sets, bringing a good time party vibe to their recent Mayhem Festival performances and delivering a stellar performance of 'Hater' that seems to fit right in with their classics. The video is a testament to just how much the band and their fans are enjoying the new track, which is featured on 'The Paradigm Shift: World Tour Edition' (exclusively available at Best Buy).

The video also stands out due to some special effects, whether it be the use of different film stock or the appearance of band members performing with visual trails. This 'Hater' live video definitely brings out the feel of the band's performances.

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