Welcome to the weekly Loudwire Radio readers poll. Every weekend, Loudwire radio will be bringing you the Top 20 songs of the week both from the airwaves and online. However, we will also be playing one extra song on the show chosen by -- you guessed it -- the Loudwire readers! Five Finger Death Punch's 'Coming Down' won our most recent readers poll and will be featured on next week's broadcast. Now, you once again have the chance to champion one of these five tracks into Loudwire Radio.

Legendary progressive rock band Rush could be the winner of this week's radio poll. Rush have just released the single 'Headlong Flight' from their upcoming record, 'Clockwork Angels.'

Red Line Chemistry are in the running for a spot on Loudwire Radio with their track 'Unspoken.' My Darkest Days also take a place in this week's poll. The 'Casual Sex' group are in the running with their new single, 'Sick & Twisted Affair.'

We've also got Aranda's 'Satisfied' in the running and rockers Wayland with 'Welcome to My Head.'

Vote for your favorite track in the poll below to decide which song will be played during next week's broadcast of Loudwire Radio. (This poll will close on Wednesday, April 9 at noon ET).

Rush, 'Headlong Flight'
Redline Chemistry, 'Unspoken'
My Darkest Days, 'Sick & Twisted Affair'
Aranda, 'Satisfied'
Wayland, 'Welcome to My Head