Here we are with a brand new Loudwire Radio readers poll. Every weekend, Loudwire Radio will play the Top 20 active rock songs of the week. However, we will also be playing one extra song on the show chosen by — you guessed it — the Loudwire readers! Congrats to the most recent winner Rage Against the Machine and their track ‘The Narrows’ off the 20th anniversary edition of their self-titled debut album. You’ll be able to hear the song on next week’s broadcast, but right now we’ve got five brand new songs for you to choose from.

First up are Surrender the Fall and their latest single ‘Some Kind of Perfect.’ If you want to hear this track on Loudwire Radio, give Surrender the Fall your vote.

We’ve also got rock outfit Farewell to Fear and their brand new track ‘Fire.’

Dead Sara could gain some extra radio play with their tune ‘We Are What You Say.’

Ex-Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler‘s group Adler might be able to make it onto Loudwire Radio with their latest single ‘Good To Be Bad.’’

Last but certainly not least, Wayland enter the competition with the single ‘Nobody's Perfect.’

Vote for your favorite track in the poll below to decide which song will be played during next week’s broadcast of Loudwire Radio.

(This poll will close on Wednesday, Dec. 12, at noon ET).