Fans can't wait to see Uncle Al Jourgensen when Ministry heads out on tour in 2015. As a taste of what's to come from the industrial pioneers, Jourgensen shared the visuals which will accompany the live performance of 'Fairly Unbalanced,' which attacks Fox News and its content.

Back in May, Jourgensen revealed plans to perform Ministry's most recent album, 'From Beer to Eternity,' in full along with "a few oldies for an encore." Ministry finalized the list of North American shows earlier this month, beginning the run on May 3 in Dallas and ending June 17 in Toronto.

Ministry's visual attack on Fox News begins with a graphic that reads, "Fox News Distorting Not Reporting." The 'Fairly Unbalanced' clip also showcases broadcasters such as Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and others along with controversial right-wing figures including former President George W. Bush and former politician Sarah Palin.

Along with the use of swastikas, the clip is peppered with more messages including, "We Report! You Obey!" and "Distortions, Lies and Half-Truths."

We can only imagine what the mind of Al Jourgensen has planned for Ministry's 2015 tour, but for now, check out the 'Fairly Unbalanced' video above.