We recently had the pleasure of attending the official record release party for Overkill's incredibly awesome new album, 'The Electric Age.' After having a few drinks and listening to the album in full, we got the chance to speak with Overkill vocalist Bobby Blitz.

At the end of our interview with the wailing vocalist, Blitz regaled us with a fascinating and hilarious story about dropping out of college to play with Overkill professionally. Blitz reminisced about the conversation he had with his father once the Overkill singer had made the decision, and another conversation they had 25 years later.

"When I left school to do this, I was 24 and I had been in and out of college," Blitz told us. "I was in Manhattan college at the time up in the Bronx. I was kind of a part-time student. We had this part-time band that would play the Peppermint Lounge or at Trudy Heller's and we finally got a deal. I told my Dad I was leaving school because we had a deal and he was like, "Bobby, I don't know if this is the right decision. You have to think about this; you sure this isn't about girls and free beer?" [Laughs] And really in the back of my head, I didn't know what the f--- I was doing, but I told him, "No, this is about art."

Blitz continued, "25 years later, I started doing a few benefits for one of the New York Mets, who liked metal. This New York Met got really involved; knew all our s--t - was way into it. [He said] "Bobby, whatever you need [I'll get it for you]. I said, "I need your box seats for my father's 75th birthday. He gives me 15 tickets in his private box at Shea Stadium for my Dad's birthday. We're big baseball fans. My Dad was sitting there next to me, he had just gotten a scotch from the Sky Club, I was havin' a beer -- he puts his arm around me and he goes, "I knew this Overkill thing would work out." I said, "I've got a confession, 25 years ago, it was about girls and free beer."

Stay tuned for our full interview with Overkill vocalist Bobby Blitz, which will be posted very soon.