Overkill have been forced to drop off their 'Dark Roots of Thrash' tour with fellow legends Testament due to health issues with singer Bobby Blitz. Diagnosed with walking pneumonia, the wailing Overkill vocalist was unable to perform in Huntington, N.Y. on Feb. 15. Overkill remained hopeful that Blitz could return to the stage sometime during the tour, but Blitz's condition has worsened to the point where he can not perform.

We were lucky enough to witness Overkill live in New York City on Valentine's Day, with Bobby Blitz delivering a masterful vocal performance at the gig. Blitz briefly mentioned that he was feeling a bit under the weather during our latest interview with the thrash veteran (stay tuned for the full video coming soon), but Blitz showed no physical signs of ill health either backstage or while performing.

After missing the Huntington gig, Overkill went on to play Worchester, Mass. the next day, but according to a post on the band's Facebook page, Blitz's pneumonia took a nasty turn, leaving the thrash legends no choice but to call off their remaining shows, allowing Blitz to heal fully before flying to Europe in April.

Overkill posted the following statement:

Due to Bobby's ongoing bout with pneumonia, we have regretfully decided to cancel the remainder of our shows on 'The Dark Roots Of Thrash' tour.

Blitz's condition has gotten slightly worse [after Saturday's show in Worcester, Massachusetts] and he needs some time to get back to 100%. We would like to thank TESTAMENT for a great tour and look forward to everyone back on the road soon. After some time for recovery, we'll be back out in the spring for our Scandinavian tour. See you then!!

Get well soon Bobby! The Wrecking Crew wishes you the best!