Led by Tool / A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan, the band Puscifer deliver a unique experience that's like no other rock concert you'll ever see. For starters the opener of the night was a Luchador wrestling match, which got fans in New York excited right from the beginning.

After the entertaining wrestling event, the ring was a stage within a stage as it served as a platform for Keenan and fellow vocalist Carina Round. Drummer Friedi was front and center and donned an eerie Luchadaor mask that looked like something out of American Horror Story. The wrestlers at the beginning of the night also doubled somewhat as interpretive dancers, duking it out gracefully throughout the set, the night overall was a compelling one to say the least.

Puscifer are out and about touring in support of their brand new album Money Shot and performed new tracks “Simultaneous,” “Agostina,” “Galileo,” “The Remedy,” “The Arsonist,” “Grand Canyon” and “Smoke and Mirrors.” The concert as a whole touched on various live art forms, from a sporting event to concert. but was constructed almost like a play. Seeing Pusicfer live is experiencing performance art in a refreshing way, as the band gives so much more than your average rock show.

Check out photos of Puscifer performing in NYC in our gallery above!

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