When your time on Earth runs its course and it's time for a visit from the Grim Reaper, how do you want to go out? Many people would prefer not to think about something as morbid as how they are going to die. But then again, Rob Zombie isn't like most people.

The former White Zombie frontman recently spoke in great detail about how he hopes go out, and not surprisingly, it's a gloriously gory death that the sometimes horror movie director has in mind. When asked by a TMZ correspondent, "If you could chose any way to die, which way would you chose," Zombie responded almost immediately, without missing a beat:

"I guess being eaten by a shark would be pretty good, as long as he kinda did it in one swallow," Zombie said. "If it's a smaller shark and he had to keep chewing, that wouldn't be so hot."

Good to know.

Meanwhile, Zombie, who currently is casting actors for his next film, 'The Lords of Salem' -- he just signed the Geico caveman actor Jeff Daniel Phillips to play the role of Herman "Whitey" Salvador! --  had to turn down a request from Avenged Sevenfold to direct the video for their next single, 'Buried Alive.'

A7X frontman M. Shadows told the Pulse of Radio, "We're looking for a good, like, video director -- not necessarily a video guy but more of a movie guy. We talked to Rob Zombie, unfortunately he is doing his new movie right now or he'd want to do it."

Watch Rob Zombie Discuss His Gory Death Wish

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