The Main Stage on the first day of Rock on the Range certainly had some hard hitting acts, but the side stages of music held talented acts of their own throughout the day.

Over on the Ernie Ball Stage, Falling in Reverse headlined as they performed tracks from their brand new album Just Like You. They kicked off their set with confetti and a whole heap of energy, frontman Ronnie Radke works every part of the stage serenading the band’s young and passionate fans from left to right.

The chaos began well ahead in the day as The Dillinger Escape Plan completely demolished the stage. Manic tracks like “Milk Lizard,” “Panasonic Youth” and “Farewell, Mona Lisa” completely possessed already frenzied fans. With band members jumping off of various things onstage, smashing guitars climbing scaffolding and so much more, the Dillinger Escape Plan had one of the most volatile and incredible sets of the entire weekend.

The British lads of alternative rock band Young Guns also hit the Ernie Ball Stage and gave fans a taste of their forthcoming new album Ones and Zeros due out June 15. The lads cranked out new tracks “I Want Out,” “Rising Up” and “Daylight.”

Japanese rock act Vamps wowed fans with an energetic performance and fans gave them a very warm welcome. The music of the international rock sensation brought fans of all walks of life together with their distinctive style and catchy sound.

Islander also graced the stage with a set filled with forcefulness and swagger. Frontman Mikey Carvajal even made his way into the crowd and set the zestful tone for the rest of the day.

Missouri rock act Shaman’s Harvest started things off early in the day on the Ernie Ball Stage with a lively performance.

Over on the Jagermeister Stage the almighty Hatebreed headlined for a powerful performance. From newer tracks “Dead Man Breathing” and “Honor Never Dies” to older favorites “Everybody Bleeds Now” and “In Ashes They Shall Reap” fans were a sweaty mess as hardcore took over Columbus, Ohio.

Frontman and powerhouse Jamey Jasta got the crowd riled up and fists pumping as the anthems of Hatebreed echoed and fans voices were heard especially during “Live For This,” “I Will Be Heard” and “Destroy Everything.” Hatebreed and their fans destroyed in deed.

Other notable acts that graced the Jager Stage earlier in the day included Beartooth, Dangerkids, Highly Suspect and more.

Check out photos in the gallery above of some of the bands that played the side stages and the fans who were right there with them on day one of Rock on the Range 2015!

Stay tuned for our coverage of Day 2 of Rock on the Range!

In Case You Missed It, Check out our Main Stage Day 1 Gallery Below: