Update No. 2: TMZ has now admitted that the story is false. The celebrity news site now reports that it was a Scott Weiland impersonator all along, and that L.A. Sheriffs were so convinced it was Weiland, they erroneously booked the unknown impersonator as Weiland and even confirmed to TMZ that it was the former Stone Temple Pilots singer behind bars. Somebody's going to have a lot of explaining to do.

Update: Although Scott Weiland responded to TMZ's article with a video shot from a recording studio, TMZ claim Weiland may be incarcerated still. "We just spoke to a rep for the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. who tells us, 'He is definitely in custody. We did a physical check on that inmate and he is currently in custody.'"

Scott Weiland is not in jail after all. In a response to a TMZ article claiming Weiland has been in jail for the past four weeks after being arrested for possession of meth, Weiland himself has recorded a video statement proving his freedom. However, police records show a Scott Weiland felony arrest from July.

According to TMZ, Weiland entered a Rite-Aid sometime in July to steal razors and other cosmetic items. After a security guard tried to stop Weiland, the singer ran, only to be stopped by police soon after. Having brought an insulated bag into the store with him to prevent censors from going off, Weiland was only wanted for burglary, but a search resulted in the cops finding meth on Weiland's person.

The report, at least partially, ended up being bogus, as Weiland addresses in his video statement:


Weiland ends the video by stating, "TMZ, you'll be hearing from my attorneys." As seen in the clip, Weiland, with his backing band, the Wildabouts, are currently in the studio recording.

However, the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Inmate Information Center does list a Scott Weiland arrest (with the singer's same age and birth date) for July 26, 2014. The arrest is labeled as a felony charge and lists a bail of $95,000. The document also lists an Aug. 26 court date for Weiland, although the file does not provide information on charges. (Thanks to Will H. for the tip)

Los Angeles Sheriff's Department

Stay tuned as this story develops.