The musicians of Stellar Revival stake their claim amongst the “crazy ones,” so it’s appropriate that their debut single is called just that; ‘The Crazy Ones.’ At the heart of this Southern Florida band is a no-rules, living-outside-the-box mentality -- and that passion for all things wild comes out on ‘The Crazy Ones,’ which is set to arrive on ‘Love, Lust, and Bad Company,’ in stores June 19.

'The Crazy Ones' starts out with a galloping hook, with lots of swagger and bounce. It’s straight-up hard rock with loads of move and groove, making this a danceable heavy music anthem from the start. We are the black sheep, dirty freak, red-headed step child / We are the born bad, nomad, turn it up and get wild / We are the stones that keep rolling,” vocalist Rino Cerbone sings.

Power chords, catchy melodies, a chanted chorus and lyrical themes showcase Stellar Revival proudly including themselves amongst the “dreamers." Lines such as “‘Cause we are the crazy ones / The mavericks, the dreamers, the forgotten sons / We color outside the lines for fun / We are the crazy ones / ‘Cause we are the crazy ones!” are purpose-made for rock kiddies going against the grain and should fit well on active rock playlists.

Any way you slice it, Stellar Revival’s 'The Crazy Ones' is utterly entertaining and accessible. Produced and co-written by Brian Howes of Hinder and Nickelback fame, 'The Crazy Ones' recalls good, old-fashioned rock and roll.

Check Out the Lyric Video for Stellar Revival's 'The Crazy Ones'