Remember reading or watching 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' as a kid? What horrific atrocities wouldn't you commit to nab one of those golden tickets and take a tour of Willy Wonka's magical chocolate factory? Better yet, how many times did you open up a Hershey's bar pretending that a golden ticket may be inside? Well, that very fantasy is about to become a reality for five very lucky Tool fans who purchase the band's 21st anniversary edition of the 'Opiate' EP.

We recently reported on the limited-edition reissue of Tool's legendary 1992 EP, 'Opiate.' Celebrating the album's 21st birthday, Tool chose to craft 5,000 copies of the the reissued EP, along with new artwork from Tool guitarist and visual mastermind Adam Jones. We've always thought Jones would make for a perfect Willy Wonka, and in that vein, Tool have placed 'Seal of Xatanitos' certificates into five of the 5,000 EPs. The lucky fans who find the five seals will be gifted with a mystery prize, only to be revealed after the winners present their acquired certificates.

In a new interview, Jones explains why he chose to update the original 'Opiate' artwork (new artwork pictured left), "When we did the art for the original, we did it so fast," Jones tells Spin. "The record company was giving us input about what sells and what doesn't, and we tried to ignore it. It's nice to update it. It still features the image of the priest from the original. There are more ideas developed around it instead of just this one guy. I feel like Spielberg or Lucas updating their movies. It's me thanking the fans, giving them something special."

The 21st anniversary edition of 'Opiate' also contains artwork by Adi Granov and design packaging by Mackie Osbourne, who has worked with Tool in the past for '10,000 Days,' 'Lateralus' and 'Salival' along with posters and merch. Fans will also be able to harness their specialty glasses from the '10,000 Days' album to view new stereoscopic imagery included with the 'Opiate' reissue.

'Opiate' will be available on March 26 for the general public via the band's website and on March 22 for ToolArmy members.